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Welcome I am really glad that you're here!

Not long ago I was on the other side of the screen where you are sitting right now and I was watching videos online so I can get better in my real estate business. While you are here I want to give you a little experience into my online world just for a moment by being here together.

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Module 1 - The ABC Framework

In module 1, you’ll uncover the exact ABC framework, and you’ll receive tactical steps you can take to become unstoppable with your marketing strategies.

Module 2 - Build your Foundation

In module 2, you will lay a strong foundation for your business to attract the people you want to serve. You will gain clarity on what you bring to the marketplace, who you serve, and how you’re going to help them.

Module 3 - Build Your Audience

In module 3, you’ll uncover our Conversation to Closing marketing strategy, and how to implement it into your own business, to get in front of the right audience. You’ll also learn how to build audiences and how to create your business ecosystem to win the hearts and mind of people in your community and build meaningful relationships.

Module 4 - Master Your Marketing

In module 4, you will learn all about marketing. You will understand and be able to build your marketing for your business in a shifting economy that will fill your pipeline with new client opportunities day in and day out.

Module 5 - All About Lead Generation

In module 5, you will learn all about generating your own leads on different platforms. You will understand and be able to build your lead generation based on interest targeting, demographics, ad sets, campaign budgeting and PPC, ROAS, Conversions and more!

Module 6 - Grow Your Business

Module 6, it's all about growing your business.

Module 7 - Resources

Course Recourses, Lead Capture Resources, Creative Resources, Lead Follow up resources, Tools you can use...


Private Facebook Group and Community

Access to Annett T. Block when you get stuck

Weekly Live Video Question and Answer Session

Monthly Interactive live zoom training

Never miss a session - all sessions are recorded

Be empowered with organic and paid Marketing Strategies that are easy to implement with simple step-by-step actions using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google

NO Contract and NO Minimum Month. You can cancel ANYTIME!

Meet Annett T. Block

Over the past decade, Annett has been an active real estate broker herself and quickly became a marketing consultant to hundreds of agents, teams and brokerages to help them grow their real estate businesses.

After immersing herself into taking part in hundreds of hours of studies, courses, and trainings in the field of online marketing, while coached by the best in this industry, Annett has been contracted for marketing trainings and consulting services throughout the real estate industry.

Annett sees her responsibility to help the real estate industry, by looking at things from a different perspectives and shares her knowledge and devotes her time and energy to help and transfer her knowledge that she gained including the secrets she learned and reviles them without holding anything back.

As we reorient into a digital world, our currency has become attention. To capture someone’s attention you must build awareness by staying relevant and social media is the most effective and efficient tool to get someone's attention, build awareness, build relations ships and create new client opportunities for your business online.

It may seem to you overwhelming but if you understand how to use the tools provided... it is the contrary to what everyone thinks. Online presence is required and no longer a necessity for your business to adopt to the new digital world and master the process to achieve your is often less complicated than what you may think.

Annett invites you to learn about all the tools and strategies available to the real estate industry that she uses herself to find new client opportunity everyday.

Be different and be yourself! Everyone else is taken.


Real Estate is your passion and you are ready to help more families making a move

Yet something is holding you back! Does this sound familiar?

Agents limited beliefs

Your first year in real estate is unpredictable and the worst off being new there are no closings going to happen.

It takes 20 years to built your real estate network, especially when you enter into a new market.

Earning a commission is poor luck and a breeze.

Selling a property is not complicated, just sign the listing contract, post it in the MLS, and submit an offer and close the sale.

Taking care of your online presence as a real estate professional is unnecessary, people who want to buy or sell a home do not go on Facebook ...

Social media is not what helps you sell a property.

Agents look at things from a different perspective

You know people starting out their home search online and your online presence allows you to create conversation that are the fastest way to closings

Great online and offline presence allows you to build a network very quickly while positioning yourself in your market.

People selling real estate every day, they wait that they can trust you.

Selling a property requires well rounded industry knowledge, technical knowledge, sales and negotiation skills.

A well build online presence will position you as an expert in the industry and the community you serve.

Everyone's attention is on social media, it's up to you to use it to your advantage.

NO Contract and NO Minimum Month. You can cancel ANYTIME!

Get Help With Real Estate Ads And Have Everything in one place:

Strategies, education and support

This is where you'll get the tools and resources, community and unstoppable momentum to grow your real estate business with real estate ads strategies...faster and easier. Now you can focus on growing a profitable business, help more people to move and feel supported in your real estate business journey.


Q&A session

Every Week your question will be answered in a live broad cast so you can get your question answered and continue with your process, without being stacked and fall behind.


focused session

Once a month you can attend our live master class so you can stay on top of the latest ad and marketing information and stay on top of your real estate business.


live sessions

Our interactive live sessions are recorded and you have access to me to ask question and avoid any confusion and frustrations when creating your Advertising and Marketing Campaigns.

Clear path of


Learn how to position yourself online and offline to become the Authority of your Territory so that buyer and seller are eager to get to meet you.

Never miss

a session

All sessions get recorded and access to the recordings is in the course area. Don't worry about to miss a session, it will be uploaded and is there whenever you need to come back and refresh your knowledge.

Community to

be empowered

When you’re feeling stuck or not sure about this or that, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Our community is highly committed and will bring clarity to your confusion and get an answer to all your question.

NO Contract and NO Minimum Month. You can cancel ANYTIME!

You don't want to loose the benefit of Real Estate Video Marketing and Ad Strategies to Generate Conversations (Leads) only we can offer at $17/month:

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Your Video Content

Repurpose your content for days to come.

My 7 Organic Client Making Opportunity


7 Organic Social Media Activities Every Realtor Should Be Doing Every Day

Facebook-Page &

What should you use and why.

NO Contract and NO Minimum Month. You can cancel ANYTIME!

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NO Contract and NO Minimum Month. You can cancel ANYTIME!

NO Contract and NO Minimum Month. You can cancel ANYTIME!

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